Secundaria. Tercer grado.


Lesson 4. I had a terrible day yesterday

Respuestas del libro

Lesson 4
1. Write in Spanish the following words.


a) ayer

b) esta mañana

c) la noche de ayer

d) la semana pasada

e) fin de semana pasado

f) mes pasado

g) el ultimo año

Lesson 4
Complete with true or false


a) True

b) False

c) False

d) False

e) True

f) True

g) True

Lesson 4
4. Underline the corresponding option.


These verbs change their structure to form the past simple tense

b) Irregular verbs

Complete the chart using the verbs in bold in the dialogue


5. Look at Julia’s items and write what she did on weekend. Use the verbs in the box.


a) Julia ate a hamburguer.

b) She read a terror book.

c) She drank a soda.

d) She wore a bikini.

e) She bought a t-shirt in Acapulco.

f) She went to acapulco.

Lesson 4
6. Use the following verbs to write about what you did on weekend.


On weekend I washed my car, I watched tv , I went to the beach, I played futbol, I visited my parents , I did the homework, I bought food, I slept in a amaca, I ate pizza, I cooked chicken with rice and I swam in the pool.

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