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Lesson 6. My visit to Cuernavaca

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Lesson 5
Complete the information with the verbs in the box


The father of independence , Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

Was born in Corralejo, on May, 8th , 1753.

Lived in Valladolid (Morelia) for many years.

Became a priest in 1778.

Rang the bell in Dolores on September 15th, 1810

Attacked the Alhondiga de Granaditas on September 28th

Abolished slavery on December 6th , in Guadalajara.

Died in Acatitla, Chihuahua , on July 30 th ,1811

Lesson 6
1. Write the missing information in the following postcard


3. Write True or False.


a) False

b) True

c) False

d) True

e) False

f) True

4. Underline the corresponding option and write it on the line.


What’s the function of the words in bold in the post card?

c)indicate sequence.

Lesson 6
5. Write 1 to 5 to order the sentences and make a story.


5- Finally, we took the bus and came back home.

3- Then, we ate sandwiches and drank sodas.

2- First, we saw many animals like giraffes, a lion , chimpanzees.

4- After that, we played soccer with other boys in the park.

1- Yesterday I went with my friends to a zoo.

6. Look at the pictures and write the sentences in exercise five under the corresponding picture.


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