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Lesson 7. An ancient sport

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Lesson 7
1. Write the word that corresponds.


In this subject you learn about sports and practice some of them. Sometimes you teacher talks about the history of them.

Physical Education

Lesson 7
3. Correct the wrong information.


b) The Ball Game was usually played by three teams.

The ball game was usually played by two teams.

c) The players could touch the ball with their hands or feet.

The players could only touch the ball with their hips,elbows and knees.

d) The captain or some of the players of the winner team were sacrificed.

The captain or some of the players of the losing team used to be sacrificed

e) The Mesoamerican civilizations didn’t believe that human sacrifice pleased their gods.

The mesoamerican civilizations believed that human sacrifice pleased their gods.

Lesson 7
4. Use the words in Bold in the text to complete the rule, Write the meaning in spanish


We use used to to talk about activities people did frequently in some time in the past.

Used to = "acostumbrado a" o "suele"

5. Write (palomita) or (equis) to the activities people used to do or didn’t use to do in the past.


Lesson 7
6. Write sentences with information in exercise 5.


People used to ride horses / People didn´t use yo drive cars.

People used to send letters / People didn´t write emails.

People used to wear long dresses / People didn´t wear mini skirt or jeans.

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