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Lesson 31. Watch out! There’s a car

Respuestas del libro

Lesson 31
1. Write the following expressions under the corresponding picture


Lesson 31
3. Write True of False


a) True.

b) False.

c) False.

d) False.

e) True.

f) True.

4. Use the words in bold to complete the sentence.


These expressions indicate that there’s a danger and you have to take care.

Watch out, take care, be careful, stop.

Lesson 31
5. Write a mark to signs you can see on the street


6. Look at the pictures and write the following expressions in the corresponding bubbie


-Excuse me, can't park here.This is a reserved place.

-Oh, I didn't see the sign.

-You can´t smoke here

-Oh, I'm sorry. You are right.

-Juan, be careful, there's a car .

-Thanks my friend.

Check your progress
Check your progress


Read the dialogues in exercise 6 and complete the information.

You can use these expressions to forbid something.

You can't.

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