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Lesson 36. Don’t run, don’t shout and don’t push

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Lesson 36
1. Mark with ✔the warnings in case of an earthquake.


-Don't panic.

-Don't push.

-Don't use elevators.

-Don't run.

-Don't shout.

Lesson 36
2. Read the dialogue then, write the corresponding expression in bold under the picture.


3. Answer the questions.


a) What is the teacher talking about to the students?

The teacher talk about a earthquake simulation.

b) What should we do in case of an earthquake?

  1. Use stairs
  2. Go to a safe place
  3. Follow the indications.

c) Do you think is it dangerous to use elevators in case of an earthquake? Why?

Yes, because the elevator is common that fail in those situations.

d) Is it safe to stay next to the windows in case of an earthquake? Why?

No, because the windows break in those situations.

4. Underline the option that answers the question.


How do you form the imperative form?

b) Do + not + verb

Lesson 36
5. Mark with ✔ the actions to save energy


-Don't leave the refrigerator door open.

-Turn off the lights when you aren't at home.

-Turn off the electrical appliances when you are not using them.

-During the day don't turn on the lights.

-Turn on only the lights you need.

Lesson 36
Check your progress


Read the rules and decide if they are correct, if they are incorrect, change them

Incorrect Don’t smoke in the hospital.

correct Help older people to cross the street.

correct Eat vegetables and fruit.

incrorrect Don’t swim after eating.

incorrect Smoking isn’t good for health

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