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Lesson 38. Safety instructions

Respuestas del libro

Lesson 37
Underline the corresponding option


What does the words in bold in the article suggest?

b) Prohibition.

Lesson 38
1. Write yes or no


Are these rules correct on the street?

a) No.

b) Yes.

c) Yes.

d) No.

Lesson 38
2. Read the dialogue and write the number in the corresponding line.


3. Match the colums


Cover the sockets. C

Cover the cisterns. A

Don´t leave toys on stairs. E

Keep medicine away from children. B

Keep knives away from children. D

Lesson 38
5. Mark with ✔ the safety instructions to use an electric appliance


-Don’t use it in the bathroom.

-Don’t use it during an electrical storm.

-Always unplug it after use.

-Don’t use or place near water.

-Don’t touch with wet hands.

4. Underline the corresponding option that answers the question


What does the word because indicate?

c) Cause.

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