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Lesson 41. You must clean your bedroom

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Lesson 40
Check your progress


Write have o has.

He, she, it.- has.

I, you, they, we.- have.

6. Use the information in exercise 5 to complete the dialogue.


I have to do my bed, do my homework, clean my bedroom, wash my tennis shoes and my uniform.

Lesson 41
1. Underline the good habits at home.


a) You must help your mother.

b) You must make your bed.

Lesson 41
3. Answer the questions


a) Why is it important to have good habits at home?

To have an orderly home.

b) Is taking a shower everyday a good habit?

Yes, it is.

c) If you have a pet, you must take care of it. Is it true or false?


d) Each member in a family must help to do the chores at home. Is it true or



e) What are the activities you must do at home?

Make the bed, wash the dishes, clean the shoes, clean the bedroom.

f) What are the rules you must obey at school?

You must order your books, you must to do your homework, you must be quiet.

g) Is Liliana’s mother writing a letter to her family?


h) What is Liliana’s mother doing?

She is making a poster about some good habits at home.

Lesson 41
5. Match the situations with the pictures.Then , match the rules with the situations.


4. Answer the question


What word do we use for rules?


Lesson 41
Underline the corresponding option to complete the sentence


Underline the corresponding option to complete the sentence.

c) obligation.