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Lesson 42. Students must wear a lab coat, they mustn’t forget it

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Lesson 42
1. Look at the picture and underline the corresponding options to complete the sentences


A)the picture shows...

a) a school laboratory.

B)The picture shows...

b) clothes you most wear in a laboratory.

Lesson 42
3. Write true or false


a) True.

b) False.

c) False.

d) True.

e) False.

f) True.

Lesson 42
Check your progress


Underline the corresponding option to complete the sentence.

We use "must" for...

c) obligation.

We use "mustn't" for...

c) prohibition.

5. Complete the sentences with words in the box


a) Must.

b) Must.

c) Mustn't.

d) Mustn't.

e) Mustn't.

f) Must.

g) Mustn't.

h) Must.

i) Must.