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Lesson 44. You have to classify the trash

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Lesson 44
1. Look at the text and underline the corresponding option that answers the questions.


What kind of text is it?

b) a magazine article.

What do you think is it about?

a) activities to take care of the environment.

Lesson 43
Check your progress


Complete the sentences with have/has

a) Has.

b) Have.

c) Have.

d) Has.

e) Have.

Lesson 44
3. Answer the questions


a) Why is it important to take care of the environment?

A Clean Environment Is Essential for Healthy Living.

b) What do you do at home or at school to take care of the environment?

I don´t have to burn the garbage, and I recycle the garbage.

c) Do you have to separate the garbage in organic and inorganic?

Yes, because this helps most of the inorganic garbage be processed and reused.

d) Is it correct to burn garbage? Why?

No, because it produces toxic gases.

e) Is it good to recycle some garbage? Why?

Yes, because you can give other function to those things and it helps the environment.

f) What can you make with the recycled garbage?

You can use cans or bottles to plant a flower.

Lesson 44
4. Look at the words in bold in the text and complete the chart.


We use these words to indicate obligation.


I must.

You must.

They must.

We must.


I mustn't.

You mustn't.

They mustn't.

We mustn't.

5. Underline the adequate activities to take care of the water.


b) You don’t have to take long showers.

c) You have to wash a lot of clothes at one time.

e) You don’t have to wash the car with a hose.

f ) If you use a wash machine, you have to use the water

after washing to mop the floors.

h) You have to use a few of water to wash the dishes

and clothes.

j ) You have to collect the rainwater.

Lesson 44
Read and correct the following sentences


a) Students have to wear a uniform at school.

b) We don’t have to wash the dishes and clothes with a lot of water.

c) I have to study for exams.

d) You have to take care of the environment.