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Lesson 54. I want a pizza

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Lesson 54
1. Underline the corresponding option that answers the question


A) If you are hungry, where do you go?

b) To a restaurant.

Lesson 54
3. Write true or false


a) False.

b) True.

c) False.

d) False.

e) True.

f) True.

4. Match the following expressions


c) Vegetarian food - I would like a green salad and a carrot juice.

a) Mexican food restaurant - I want enchiladas or pozole and a glass of pulque.

b) Fast food restaurant - Jorge would like a hamburger, French fries and a soda.

5. Order the folowing words to write questions


a) What´s your favorite dish?

b) Do you like chicken?

c) Are you hungry now?

d) What would you like to eat now?

e) Why we don't go in the recess to the cafeteria?

f) Why you don't invite to me to the movies?

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