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Lesson 58. Mini Check

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Lesson 58 Mini check
2. Find the following expressions in the search word.


Lesson 58 Mini check
3. Complete the dialogue with the words that you found in the search word


Waitress: Are you ready to order?

Miss Herrera: Yes, I’ll have a vegetable soup and the roast chicken.

Waitress: What would you like to drink?

Miss Herrera: I’d like a lemonade, please.

Waitress: And for dessert?

Miss Herrera: May I have a strawberry ice cream?

Waitress: Anything else?

Miss Herrera: No, that’s all. Thank you.

4. Underline the option that answers the question


What did you work in the last lessons?

b) Asking for food and drink in a restaurant.

5. Join with a line the following words.


Drinks.- Orange water.

Appetizers.- Cheese fingers.

Desserts.- Strawberries with cream.

Soups.- Vegetable soup.

Salads.- Caesar salad.

Main courses.- Fish fillet.

Lesson 58 Mini check
6. Compare the menu with bill and decide if it is correct or incorrect


Check your progress


Match the concepts with the description

a) Vocabulary: Food and drink.

b) Function: Ordering in a restaurant.

c) Grammar: May I take your order?; I’d like a sandwich; I’ll have a hamburger

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