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Lesson 63. Is there any cheese?

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Lesson 63
1. Answer the questions.


a) Do you like sandwiches?


b) What do you need to prepare a sandwich?

We need lettuce and cheese. Also we need ham, bread, slices of tomato and mayonnaise.

Lesson 62
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Choose the corresponding option to complete the sentence

A) The underlined word in the dialogue indicates:

c) Addition.

Lesson 63
3. Write true or false.


a) False.

b) False.

c) False.

d) True.

e) True.

4. Look at the words in bold in the dialogue and complete the chart.


Lesson 63

5. Look at the picture and describe it. Use: there is, there isn’t, there are, there aren’t. Look at the example.


There is milk, yogurth and cream in the highest part of the refrigerator.

There is a slice of pizza.

There are two bottles of water.

There are three soda cans.

There is a slice of cake.

There are three eggs on the door of the fridge.

There are two bottles of juice.

Para el there isn´t y there aren´t depende de lo que cada persona o su imaginación no encuentra en el refrigerador.

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Lesson 63
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Underline the uncountable nouns in the following shopping list.

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