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Lesson 68. Mini Check

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Lesson 68 Mini check
1. Find the sequence words in the search word


2. Order the sentences to write the procedure to prepare lemonade


a) First, wash the lemons.

b) Then, cut them in halves.

c) After that, squeeze the lemons into a jar with enough water.

d) Next, add sugar and mix all the ingredients.

e) Finally, drink and enjoy.

3. Write the ingredients to prepare lemonade.


Sugar, lemons, water.

Lesson 68 Mini check
4. Choose the corresponding option to complete the information


Vocabulary: Ingredients about food and drink.

Grammar: First, Then, After that, Next, Finally.

Function: Follow recipes.

5. Look at the pictures and match them with the verbs used in recipes.


Lesson 68 Mini check
Check your progress


Underline the corresponding option to answer the question.

You can use these words to join individual sentences and/or paragraphs and

give them a sequence in order to write a coherent text.

b) Sequence words.

6. Look at the pictures and number the sentences to write the recipe of a quick pizza.


5.- Finally, enjoy a delicious and quick pizza.

4.- Next, put it in the microwave for a few minutes.

1.- First, put some tomato ketchup on a slice of bread.

3.- After that, add some cheese and a little oregano.

2.- Then, put some ham on the bread.

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