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Lesson 75. What’s the weather in London on winter like?

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Lesson 75
1. Underline the corresponding option to complete the sentence


London is the capital of

c) England.

Lesson 75
4. Read the sentence and underline the corresponding option.


This linking device indicates addition.

c) and

5. Use the information that you brought to the classroom to answer the following questions.


a) England.

b) In Europe.

c) Is snowy and it is

colder than any other season.

d) It is a little warm and rainy, but it's almost cold every time.

e) London.

f) You can see from old castles until modern buildings like the six airports and the Eurostar rail that joins London with Paris. Also you can visit the Big Ben, British museums, and other places. In the city you can travel by taxi or by the traditional red buses.

3. Read the sentences and underline the ones that describe London


a) It is the capital of England.

c) It is the capital of England.

e) You can visit the Big Ben.

f) The weather is cold and sunny in winter.

g) The Eurostar rail joins London to Paris.

h) England is in Europe.

i) London is both, an old and modern city.

j) In London there are six airports.

Lesson 75
Check your progress


Choose the corresponding word to complete the sentences

a) and

b) but

c) or

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