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Lesson 76. How can I get to the downtown?

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Lesson 76
1. Look at the picture and write the corresponding expression in the correct bubble.


a) Policeman.

b) Turist.

Lesson 76
4. Look at the words in bold in the dialogue in exercise 2 and underline the corresponding sentence.


c) Some prepositions indicate a particular method of transport.

3. Underline the corresponding option


A) What’s the fastest method of transport to get to other country?

c) By airplane.

B) What places does the tourist want to visit?

b) The palace of fine art, the monument of the revolution and acapulco.

c) What are the suggestions from the policeman to get to Acapulco?

b) Going by airplane, by bus or by car.

d) Where´s the monument of the revolution?

b) It's on republic avenue.

e) What´s the tourist´s opinion about Mexican people?

a) Mexican people are very nice.

Lesson 76
5. Match the pictures with the corresponding method of transport


6. Use the corresponding words to complete the dialogue.


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