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Lesson 78. There is a bank on the corner of Reforma Street and Juarez Avenue

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Lesson 78
1. Read the sentence and place the bank in the sketch.


There is a bank on the corner of Reforma Street and Juarez Avenue.

Lesson 78
3. Look at the map in exercise 1, read the sentences and write the name of the corresponding public place


a) School.

b) Book store, library.

c) Gas station.

d) Bakery.

e) A bank, and a touristic information office.

4. Choose the corresponding option to complete the sentences.


The words in bold in the dialogue in exercise 2 are...

b) prepositions

They indicate...

c) location

5. Look at the map and answer the following questions.


a) On the corner of Tlaxcala avenue and Sonora street.

b) On Veracruz street., between Tlaxcala avenue and Tamaulipas avenue.

c) On the corner of Veracruz street and Tlaxcala avenue.

d) On Tlaxcala avenue, next to the pharmacy.

Lesson 78
Check your progress


Write on the line the corresponding option to answer the questions


a)Where´s the post office?

It´s on the Third avenue.


b) Where are the banks?

They´are on the First Avenue, next to the park.

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