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Lesson 82. I’m going to attend a conference

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Lesson 81
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Match the colums

A) Some prepositions indicate a particular method of transport.

c) By bus, by taxi, by train, by airplane.

B) The imperative form is used to give directions.

a) Go straight , turn left, turn right.

C) Some prepositions indicate location.

b) Next to, on, between, across from, on the corner of.

Lesson 82
1. Match the pictures with the corresponding expression


Lesson 82
3. Write True or False


a) False.

b) True.

c) True.

d) False.

e) True.

f) True.

Lesson 82
4. Look at the words in bold in the dialogue in excercise 2 to complete the chart


Lesson 82
Check your progress


Write the following words in the corresponding place.

a) Vocabulary: I’m going to travel by airplane. / You are going to visit Chiapas.

b) Functions: Talking about plans.

c) Grammar: Verbs for plans.

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