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Lesson 88. Mini Check

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Lesson 88 Mini check
1. Look at the picture and write about what people are going to do. Use the expressions in the box.


Lesson 88 Mini check
3. Write True or False.


a) False.

b) False.

c) True.

d) True.

e) True.

4. Look at the words on bold in the dialogue in exercise 2 and underline the corresponding option.


What’s the function of the words in bold in the dialogue?

b) to indicate sequence

2. Look at Maribel’s diary to complete the dialogue.


Maribel: I’m sorry. I can’t. I have to do many things. Let me tell you.

First, in the morning I’m going to do exercise at eighto’clock.

Then, I’m going to have breakfast with my family.

In the afternoon I’m going to clean my bedroom.

After that, at six I’m going to have dinner with a friend.

Finally, I’m going to send an e-mail to my sister, she is in Canada.

As you can see, tomorrow is a busy day.

Julio: What about Sunday?

Maribel: In the morning I’m going to do exercise at nine.

Then, I’m going to visit a museum.

Why don’t you come with me. It will be funny.

Julio: That sounds great. After that, we can go to the movies.

Maribel: That’s a good idea. See you on Sunday.

Lesson 88 Mini check
5. Read about Tim. Then, complete the sentences about his plans for the weekend.


b) On Saturday afternoon he is going to plant trees and flowers in the park.

c) On saturday evening he is going to collect plastic bags and bottles in the streets.

d) On sunday morning he is going to visit a paper-recycling plant.

e) On sunday afternoon he is going to give a talk about the organic and inorganic garbage.

f) On sunday evening he is going to have dinner with his family.

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