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Lesson 91. She isn’t going to visit Palenque next weekend

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Lesson 90 Mini check
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Match the columns with a line.

Past - I visited the zoo las Sunday.

Future - I'm going to travel to Cuernavaca tomorrow afternoon.

Present - I wake up at seven o'clock every day.

Lesson 91
1. Underline the corresponding option that answers the question.


Where is Palenque?

b) In Chiapas.

Lesson 91
4. Look at the words in bold in the dialogue and complete the chart.


3. Write true or false.


a) True.

b) False.

c) False.

d) False.

e) True.

f) False.

Lesson 91
5. Read the following sentences and write them in negative form


a) Mariana isn't going to travel to Europe next month

b) Miss Ferrera isn´t going to record a new CD in Spain.

c) I am not going to cook a chocolate cake for my brother's birthday.

d) Mr Espinoza and Mrs. Espinoza aren't going to buy a new house.

e) I am not going to write a letter for my boyfriend.

f) Hugo and Paco aren't going to visit a museum next Sunday.

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