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Lesson 92. Are you going to visit the Wax Museum?

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Lesson 91
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In this lesson you learned

b) the negative form of be going to.

Lesson 91
4. Look at the words in bold in the conversation in exercise 2 and complete the chart.


3. Underline the corresponding option that answers the question.


A) b)Yes, she is.

B) a)No, he isn't.

C) c)No, they aren't.

D) a)I don't know.

E) b)Yes, he is.

F) a)No, they aren't

Lesson 91
Check your progress


Complete the sentences.

a) Are they going to visit a zoo? Yes, they are.

b) Is she going to play soccer? No, she isn't.

c) Is he going to travel to Acapulco? Yes, he is.

d) Are you going to study for exams? Yes, I am.

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