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Lesson 102. What will you do next vacation?

Respuestas del libro

Lesson 102
1. Look at the pictures to answer the questions


1- They'll go to a Chinese restaurant.

2- They'll visit a museum and go and go to the stadium.

3- She'll go to the gym and to the beach.

Lesson 102
5. Read the brochure and underline the sentences containing the future tense.


4. Look at the words in bold in the text and complete the sentences


This structure indicates future intentions which are fairly certain to happen.

Going to.

This structure indicates future predictions and has a regular form for all persons.

Will, won't.

Lesson 102
Check your progress


Order the words to write sentences.

a) She is going to study for exams.

b) We will travel to China next week.

c) He won’t participate in the Olympic Games.

d) They aren’t going to visit the beach next Saturday.

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