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Lesson 106. Perhaps there won’t be enough water

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Lesson 106
1. Read the following information and complete the diagram.


Lesson 105
Check your progress


Write the negative form of the following sentences.

a) There won’t be low temperatures in 2025.

b) There won’t be more pollution in 2025.

c) There won’t be houses in Mars in the future.

Lesson 106
3. Answer the questions


a) Water.

b) We use soap powdered that often contain chemicals with non-biodegradable molecules.

c) To the rivers,lakes or oceans.

d) Because they spread rapidly and travel all over the world.

e) when we use plastic.

Lesson 106
4. Look at the word in bold in the dialogue and complete the following sentences


This word indicates a degree of certainty. Perhaps.

What´s the meaning of this word in your language? Quizás.

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