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Lesson 108. Animals in danger

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Lesson 108
1. Circle the endangered species.


Lesson 107
Check your progress


Order the words to write sentences

a) People won’t sweep or mop in the future.

b) There won’t be any traffic jams.

c) People will enjoy wonderful vacation in Mars.

d) There will be hotels in the moon.

Lesson 108
3. Answer the question


a) Because the ivory poaching, also the loss of habitat contribute to the extinction.

b) In special reserves.

c) 600

d) They want the rhino horn.

e) Puma.

f) Yes, deer.

Lesson 108
4. Look at the words in bold in the article and complete the sentences


These words indicate a degree of certainty: Probably, maybe.

What's the meaning of theses words in your language? Quizás.

Lesson 108
Check your progress


Underline the corresponding option to complete the sentence.

b) Perhaps, maybe, probably.

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