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Lesson 99. I won’t be a doctor

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Lesson 98
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Order the following sentences

a) He will be an engineer.

b) They will go to high school.

c) She will travel to Spain next year.

d) We will get married next December.

Lesson 99
1. Underline the corresponding option


This is a person who tells the future; frequently you can find it in a fair.

c) A fortune teller.

Lesson 99
3. Write true or false


a) True.

b) True.

c) False.

d) True.

e) False.

f) False.

Lesson 99
5. Write the negative form of the following sentences.


a) Mariana won't be a doctor.

b) Susana and Julio won't travel to Japan next month.

c) Pedro won't visit his French friend next year.

d) I wo't study medicine.

e) We won't get merried next year.

4. Look at the words in bold in the conversation in exercise 2 and complete the chart


This word indicates future predictions.

Affirmative: Will.

Negative: Won't.

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