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Lesson 1:. All about Culture

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All about culture

Our world is multicultural each region has its own cultural habits and expresions. What are the following pictures depicing?


A) Festivities

B) Clothing

C) Education

D) Transportation

E) Food

Are the cultural habits and expressions you identified in activity 1...

Read the text written by an exchange student. What part of culture is she describing?


She is describing more than others the transportation culture

all about culture

How Josefina expresse her confusion to diferent cultural habits?


A) Because everything is new for her, she tought that the bus will be late like in Mexico

B) To cross the street they most push a bottom to make the cars stop and in mexico you cross the street when you can.

To start a conversation, you can talk about facts that are surprising...


  • Festivities: Is almost the date of mexico independence, is comming a party.
  • Clothing: The clothes are very hot for this time of the year
  • Education: Tomorrow we dont have classes, didnt know.
  • Transportation: The bus didnt stop for me!
  • Food: I dont if want fresh seefood or steak

Al these ingredients except for one are used in one of chicagos most popular dishes.


Ketshup is the one thats doesnt goes with the chicago´s hot dog

all about culture

Read the following conversation...

Why tu they use them?


Are expresions to express admmiration, surprising in a normal way speaking

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