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Lesson 3:. Love Is In the Air

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Lesson 3

Can you think of a word wich is related to them? Write a word which fits each question.







Read these facts about St. Valentines day..


A. about valentine's day and the differences between the cultures of the united states and japan

B. Yes

C. It differs in who gives gifts to whom, on the date they are the same but for men it is a month later.

D. I do not think there is a better option than another because it is according to the culture of each country

Lesson 3

Work in pairs. Gifts represents and important part of our culture...


A. Card

B. Chocolates

C. Photo album

D. FLowers

Do you know how to descirbe the things you like using more than one word?...


a. Barbara got a pretty purse for valentines day

b. a su vez ella regala un elegante reloj

c. Barbara heard from mai her japanesse friend that she have given her boyfriend some delicius chocolates .

Lesson 3

You have already heard about false starts. Are these formal or informal ways to say goodbye?


A. I

B. F

C. F

D. I

E. F

F. I

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Lesson 3

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