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Lesson 2:. A nightmare!

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lesson 2

Read the text . In pairs, discuss the following questions with a partner


Is it a fiction...? No is not a fiction text

what make you think that? Because she is describing her life en new york

Whats the text about? about her life in a big city

Do you thing the porpuse...? yes, is to imagine a life there

Do you thing this text is writen for...? Is ofr all ages with a little imagination

Lesson 2 unit 2
lesson 2 unit 2

Work in small groups. write the information you found about comics...


To make a comic you have to start by describing the life of the main character, his strengths and weaknesses, what are his powers and then describe the main villain and why he is against it.

analyze the following picture. what elements...


you can see the title of the book along with the author of it. Then we have the date of the issue and the publisher that printed it

lesson2 unit 2

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