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Play & Play Connections 3 Student's Book

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Lesson 3:. An Interview

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lesson 3 unit 4

work in pairs. what tv show do you know? do you know th shos where people win prizes? have your ever...


  1. anwers questions correct to win money
  2. hundred mexicans said
  3. depents of the cotext

work in pairs. take turns to read the following text. do it in sequence..


  1. to tell about main tv shows and how started
  2. .
  3. who follow the show everyday and know everything
  4. they always start with a question
  5. makes the audiende feel part of it
lesson 3 unit 4

work in pairs. take turns reading the following texts...


  1. a
  2. b
  3. because use word and nound in a formal way and refers to someone
  4. b

lesson 3 unit 4

work in pairs and answer the folling questions


  1. accept the propousal
  2. i must enjoyed and invite friends to wach it
  3. very happy like i couldnt belive it
  4. accept

what tv format do you like the most...


  1. jennifer aniston
  2. movies and series
  3. what do you feel about friends? do your miss filming friends?
product 4 interview
product 4 interview

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