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Lesson 1:. What is an Enigma?

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lesson 1 unit 5

discuss with a partner what a b oard game is and answer the following questions...


  1. turista, sequence
  2. yes
  3. yes
  4. is to be curious about everything and being aware of your turn

as you might have quessed, th eobjetive of the mystery game i the audio is to find...


  1. who use this rope to tie someone up
  2. Who is the person with a knife
  3. What can be a track of the murder
lesson 1 unit 5

can you guess what happened in the pictures from activy 6....


  1. killed
  2. enter
  3. wrote
  4. was
  5. run
  6. was
lesson 1 unit 5
product 5

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