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Lesson 2. Feelings

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unit 7 lesson 2

Work in pairs. Read the poem again. underline the words that express emotions and feelings. ...


a) What they are doing?

Opening a book and reading

B) how they feel?

They express love, serach for something

Work in pairs. Read the poem. Analize its structure: stanzas, verses. Circle the rhyming...


A) 22

B) 2

C) Book with look, read with need, many with any

D) Different in some verses, the end of the words change

E) A history of a boys

Pagina 110

Work in pairs. Take turns about the meaing and characteristics of rhymming words


a) dreary, mouldering, weary

b) some effect of be part of the reading

c) exprees some feelings about the pass

d) yes

e) the tense of the verbs

pagina 111

Read "the rainy day" again. Circle the words that you associate with certain feeelings. Then, write three senteces to explain your choices and share theae with a partner. Follow the example.


a) I circled the word wind because i feel free with this word

b) i circled the word wall because i feel caught

c) i circled the word heart because i feel love

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