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Lesson 1. This Is an Emergency!

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Lesson 1. This Is an Emergency!

1. Work in pairs and describe the pictures below. Discuss the situation with your partner, then, rank them from 1 (the most serious) to 4 (the least serious) in your opinion.


*Answers can be different

Fire: 2, I think a fire is very dangerous because flames cannot be controlled easily, but it can be prevented and sometimes nothing serious happens

Hail: 3, unless you are on the street without protection is not so dangerous

Storm: 4, I think a storm would be the least serious one. We always have storms here and the worst that has happened is that the power goes out for an hour

Earthquake: 1, I would rank an earthquake as the most serious one, since lots of buildings can be destroyed and people might end up without a home

2. Look at the central picture. There was a heavy rain and the street flooded. Look at Liza and her mom. How do Liza and her mom feel? How do you know?


a. I think that Liza’s mom is: worried

b. I feel like Liza seems to be: relaxed

c. If I were in a similar situation, I would feel… nervous

Lesson 1. This Is an Emergency!

4. Listen to the interview again and answer the questions. Remember you do not have to listen to every word to understand the message. 


a. Who were involved? Liza, Liza’s mom, her dad, firefighters and people

b. When did it happen? At what time? Last Thursday at around two

c. Where did it happen? At Annie’s father’s work

d. What happened? The ceiling of the building collapsed

e. How did this event affect the people involved? There was a flood in the building

f. How did it end? The firefighters rescued the people trapped

5. Classify the answers in Activity 4 in the column “Liza’s description” depending on where they belong in the story: beginning, development, or conclusion.


*Answers of “My description of an event” can be different


Liza’s description: Liza and her mom were going to pick her dad up to have lunch

My description of an event: me and my sister were going to shop new cloths


Liza’s description: there was a hailstorm which made the roof on her dad’s office building collapse

My description of an event: there was a storm outside the mall that made the power go out


Liza’s description: the firefighters rescued the people inside the building

My description of an event: we waited in there, until the power came back

Lesson 1. This Is an Emergency!

7. Listen to some phrases from people interviewed at Liza’s father’s workplace after the flood. Discuss un pairs where in the description (beginning, development or conclusion) these phrases are, and why they are used.


*Answers can be different

a. Sam: “The firefighters came very quickly.”: conclusion or beginning, to express surprise and relief

b. Diane: “Suddenly the ceiling collapsed”: development, to express concern

c. Reporter: “How did you feel at that moment?”: development, to talk about some details about the event

d. Adam: “Why didn’t the authorities check the building before?”: conclusion, to know the reasons of the unexpected event

e. Liza: “I knew my father would be all right.”: development, to express concern while something was happening

9. Work in pairs. First, make a chart listing five emotions and five corresponding phrases to show the emotion verbally, for example: Surprise: “That’s amazing!”


*Answers can be different

Worry: Oh no!

Excitement: Awesome!

Sadness: I’m so sorry

Anger: I was so mad!

Happiness: Hooray!

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