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Lesson 2. Unexpected Events!

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Lesson 2. Unexpected Events!

1. Read and listen to two students talking about events that happened in their community. Each description will stop almost at the end of the account.


*Answers can be different

Unexpected event 1

Your outcome of the event: the school burned down

The actual outcome of the event: the lab was mostly intact

Unexpected event 2

Your outcome of the event: the police arrived at the scene to make sure everyone was safe

The actual outcome of the event: parents were waiting outside to pick up their children

2. Write a title on top of each event on the space provided. Discuss with your classmates why you choose those titles.


*Answers can be different

Unexpected event 1: A small fire

Unexpected event 2: everything’s shaking

3. Discuss with a partner how you think you would react in similar situations. Follow the examples:


*Answers can be different

Answer: during an earthquake I would cry. If there was a fire in my home, I’d have to call the firefighters

Lesson 2. Unexpected Events!

4. Answer the following questions. Listen to the audio paying attention and trying to identify words in the questions to find the correct answers. 


*Answers can be different

1. What caused the incident in event 1? Bryan forgot to turn off one of the burners


2. What was causing the hissing noise in event 1? It was from a fire extinguisher


3. How did they notice there was an earthquake in event 2? The building started to shake


4. Whose voices were the ones they heard outside the school in event 2? They were voices from parent and relatives

5. Listen to the descriptions again. Find a sentence similar in meaning to the sentences in the chart.


Direct speech

2) “Please keep calm and go down the stairs.”

5) The janitor told us, “Be careful because the floor is wet!”

Indirect speech

c) He told us to go back to the playground.

d) He also reminded us, “Walk fast and in order.”

f) One of my classmates asked me to help her with her bag.

6. Match the sentences to reflect things that happened to you recently. 


*Answers can be different

Answer: Our teacher wanted us to do homework at home and not at class, Some classmates asked me to play after school, My mother told her to visit our aunt

7. Add the examples you made in Activity 6 to a narration. 


*Answers can be different

Answer: “Do your homework at home and not at class”, “Let’s play after school”, “Visit your aunt”

Lesson 2. Unexpected Events!

8. Work in pairs. You will listen to Paul describing an accident Kevin had. Look at the pictures and discuss: What kind of accident it was.


a. plaster, right arm


b. bulletin board


 c. call an ambulance, call 911

d. ladder, stairs

9. When you narrate and unexpected event, you should pay attention to the sequence of the details. 


1. What do the words in bold help you describe? Sequence


2. Do you know similar words to help you describe events? Other type of connectors

10. Think of an event a friend or a relative told you, similar to Paul’s. Write three to four key words on your notebook.


*Answers can be different

Answer: loud noise, darkness, candles, flashlights

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