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Lesson 3. My Strategy

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Lesson 3. My Strategy

1. Discuss these questions with a classmate:


*Answers can be different


1. Can you name some natural events related to water? Floods, landslides, tsunamis, storms, heat waves, cold spells, hailstorm


2. How do they affect the places where they happen? Sometimes, they provoke floods

2. Read and listen to two descriptions of a natural event that took a town by surprise. What is the event described in the track?


A hailstorm

3. Match the numbers, in Mr. Taylor’s description to a number in Jeremy’s description. There’s an example for you.


a) this kind of frozen rain: 1) hailstorm

b) this sort of light rain: 3) drizzle

c) some covers used in businesses to protect from the sun: awnings

d) a sort of a car crash: 5) pile-up

e) this kind of tool that farmers use to remove earth: 4) shovels

*Answer can be different

Answer: Jeremy probably doesn’t use the same words because since he is younger, his vocabulary is different and, at times, more limited

Lesson 3. My Strategy

5. Discuss these questions with your classmates:


*Answers can be different


1. Do you and your friends speak differently from the adults you know? Yes, we do


2. What words and expressions do adults use when they talk to other adults? Adults tend to be more formal in their speech. They would use phrases such as “how can I help you?” or “would you mind…?”


3. Do you speak the same way with the principal of your school as you do with your friends? No. My speech is more formal when talking to the school’s principal

6. Analyze in pairs the following dialogue. Alice and Mr. Jones are describing the same event. 


1. J

2. A

3. J

4. A

5. J

6. A

7. J

8. A

9. J

10. A

7. Work in pairs. Discuss the following questions. Compare your answers with the group.


*Answers can be different


1. How did you know which phrases are said by Mr. Jones? The answers use specific  words


2. How did you identify the phrases said by Alice? Alice uses more colloquial language


3. Who sounds more formal? Mr. Jones sounds seriousness about the topic to be discussed


4. Why do people have to sound formal? Formality shows respect to a person and seriousness about the topic to be discussed. Also, it can avoid misunderstandings

Lesson 3. My Strategy
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